The shop found additional damage after starting repairs. What can I do?

If the repair facility is certified by the insurer and discover additional damage after repairs have begun, they can continue to work and move the bill directly to the insurer. If the repair facility is not certified by the insurance company, a representative from the claims department will return to inspect your vehicle and make a final determination for additional payments.  It is very common to have hidden damage, not visible during the original estimate, needing additional handling and communication with the insurance company paying for the repairs during the repair process.  In most cases this is handled directly between the repair facility and the insurance company while the repairs are underway..

How does my insurer determine the actual value of my vehicle if it is given total loss?

The value of your vehicles will be based on actual cash value. The actual cash value is determined by several factors including:

  • the overall condition and mileage of the vehicle
  • less any possible previous damage
  • the price dictated by the local retail market for like kind and quality replacement for the vehicle
  • any limits of the policy if applicable
  • including applicable Local and State Sales tax, Tag and Title Fees involved in replacing the vehicle

What is a deductible?

The deductible is the portion of loss covered by the customer. For example, if the claim of the accident is $1000 and $250 is your deductible, you pay the $250 and then your insurance company pays the remaining $750.

My policy has coverage for auto rental. How long am I covered?

Coverage for vehicle rent is optional coverage offered by your insurance company. The insurance company usually pays a daily limit for the rental until the repairs are completed. If you are unsure if you have rental coverage, or what is your daily limit, please call your claims representative.

Will this claim increase my premium?

This is dependent upon many factors – for example:

  • coverage of your policy
  • your previous claims
  • your driving record
  • how long you have been a client of the insurance company
  • If you where determined to be at fault in the accident

Your best information will come from your insurance agent….